Sermons from May 2016

5 Items

Remember the Sabbath

Sermon, May 29, 2016

Speaking from Genesis, Exodus, Numbers about belief. God rested to give us an example that we should rest every week. (Begins about 23:30 min)

Five Statements About Belief

Sermon, May 22, 2016

We derive our belief from these 5 things. We believe things because we: desire them to be true. are taught them to be true. are told us they’re true by our society or culture. are naive or don’t do the research. know they are based on truth. (Begins about 40:15 min)

Our Inherent Need for a Savior

Sunday Worship May 15

Speaking on Romans 1:18-32. Humans have an inherent need for a savior. God has written the knowledge of himself on our hearts. We instinctively know our creator exists. (Begins about 31:45 min)

Interim Ministry

Sunday worship, May 1, 2016

After a preacher has been in a congregation for a long time — 5 years or more — the general rule is, you’ll have an interim preacher. We’re talking about principles that might be helpful in selecting an intentional interim minister. (Begins about 32:30 min)