Fact Sheet

Flood Psalms 119:2
Abraham, Father of a Nation Psalms 119:105
Sodom and Gomorrah Matthew 6:20-21
Abraham sacrifices Isaac James 1:22-25
Jacob and Esau 2 Timothy 2:15
Joseph sold by his brother Genesis 1:1
Birth of Moses Genesis 6:8
Plague’s Genesis 50:20
Ten Commandments 2 Timothy 3 :16-17
12 Spies Exodus 20: (10 commandments)
Joshua takes command Matthew 22:37-40
The sun stands still Joshua 25:15
Gideon Hebrews 11:6
Samson and Delilah Matt 6:9-13 (Prayer)
Hannah Matthew 7:12
King Saul Colossians 3:16
David and Goliath 1Peter 3:15
David and Bathsheba
Solomon gets wisdom
Naaman’s Leprosy
Shadrack, Meshack & Abednego
Daniel saved from lions
Prophecy of Jesus as sin offering
The Lord is my Shepherd
Virturous woman
Sermom on the Mount
Model Prayer
12 Apostles
Death of John the Baptist
Marriage and Divorce
Judgement Day
Birth of Jesus
Death of Jesus