Let’s Start Talking

The Let’s Start Talking Ministry was started in 1981 by Mark and Sherrylee Woodward, former missionaries to Germany, for the purpose of organizing and training short-term foreign mission teams. The ministry offices are currently located in Hurst, Texas. Every year, this ministry organizes mission teams across the U.S. and Canada.

These teams are then trained to share their faith through English conversation classes using Bible texts. Teams have been sent to Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Each team typically remains at its site for two to six weeks.

Our association with Let’s Start Talking has allowed our members to participate in a variety of ways in the spreading of the gospel overseas. Besides those who have had the opportunity to travel to foreign lands, others have participated by contributing money, writing to overseas team members, and praying for the success of the teams. All who have participated in any way can take satisfaction in knowing that they have helped people to come closer to God.

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