Small Groups

A Small Group is an intentional gathering, meeting regularly for the purpose of joining God’s mission.

A Small Group

  • is an intentional gathering. This group of people agree to share life together. They plan where and when to meet and arrange their schedules to be there. They have a purpose for getting together.
  • meets regularly. A small group has a regular meeting time and schedule. The groups know when to expect their next gathering.
  • for the purpose of joining God’s mission. People in small groups desire to be formed as Christ’s disciples and as such they will naturally join in God’s mission.

This definition brings us beyond groups that meet for coffee when it’s convenient, groups whose sole purpose is to assimilate new members into the church, or groups that learn a lot of good information. These groups take seriously practicing spiritual habits that form hearts and lives into being disciples of Jesus who live as his sent-ones. These groups are concerned with discovering how to be salt and light in the context in which God has placed them.

Join a small group by connecting with members at church of by contacting an Elder.